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Experience What
100K Transactions
Per Second Feels Like

Securely scale your dApps at lightspeed with the most advanced blockchain platform in the world.



3 seconds

Block Interval

10+ seconds

Tx Finality


High Speeed Consensus

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We're the Bullet Train of Blockchains Built for Safety at High Speed while being Seamlessly Scalable

Darthion was founded on the principle to become the perfect balance of what a blockchain should be: Secure, Fast, and Scalable. Our principle has lead us to create what we believe is the most advanced, and competitive blockchain on the planet, where dApps and assets experience all the benefits of what most chains set out to accomplish. Because we are built on "trifecta" of benefits, Darthion is able to offer an incredible 100K transactions per second, without compromising the ability to scale, or security threats.
The Darthion Actions workflow editor

Build dApps knowing they'll be Safe, Fast and Scalable

  • Darthion is a fast, high-throughput open-source smart contract platform for digital assets and dApps.

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A Competitive Advantage Amongst Legacy Chains

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  • Technology of the Future

    • Security via DPoS Consensus

    • Cross-chain Assets Bridge

    • Fully EVM Compatible

    • Highly Scalable Infrastructure

Build on the Developer Friendly Darthion Platform

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Start building on Darthion using Solidity and other EVM compatible tools such as Remix, Metamask, Truffle, and more. The power of EVM compatibility makes developing so much easier.
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Contribute to
The Core

Explore the Darthion Core code and start contributing by creating a GitHub pull request. Together we can build great technologies.

Explore the Darthion Core
The Actions Marketplace is available inline alongside the Darthion Actions workflow editor
The Actions Marketplace is available inline alongside the Darthion Actions workflow editor
The Darthion Actions workflow editor

You can have it all. We're fully compatible with EVM. Every Ethereum tool is available to build your dApps, including Remix, Metamask, Truffle, Hardhat, and more.

Help secure the Network
by Becoming a Validator

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  • Running a validator node is easy. Simply setup a server with the required configuration and follow the documentation. Your contribution helps secure the Darthion Network.

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  • Darthion Safety Network scans smart contracts for any security and logical vulnerabilities. This is our efforts to create a secure environment for the user's digital assets.

    An alert of found secret committed to the repository

Found a vulnerability? Our security advisory remediation tools help developers identify and disclose them responsibly so maintainers can patch them in dedicated, private workspaces.

Distributed security alerts

The Home for ever Contributor

  • Darthion Discussions Forum is a dedicated space for your community to come together, ask and answer questions, and have open-ended conversations.

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    Answer to the technical question from the Gatsby community
  • Darthion Telegram group is a great place to interact with other Darthion users.

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  • Got solidity expertise? Join Darthion Safety Network (DSN) and get paid for finding any vulnerabilities creating a safer environment for users.

    Support the projects you depend on.

    Get paid up to 100K DARTH

    Learn more about DSN
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